Autolum provides you with a better product, capable of running defect-free on the most sophisticated press lines, delivered on-time, for less money.

From technically advanced communications to tender-loving material handling, Autolum provides all the extras you want from a Class A toll processor.

Material is maintained in our 500,000 square foot, climate controlled automotive warehouse and tracked via EDI reporting to meet all AISI and automotive standards. Processing is performed in accordance with our IATF 16949:2016 certified quality procedures, on processing equipment designed specifically to care for your material.

The result: reliable inventory data, less material damage/scrap loss and higher yields.

And we provide single contact, single invoice convenience.

A full complement of communication options.

  • EDI reporting that meets the latest AISI standards
  • E-mail and Facsimile transmission of any necessary reports
  • Bar code tagging that meets AIAG B5 standards as well as other custom bar coding
  • Defect flagging/mapping is fed forward to ensure there are no quality surprises.



Autolum’s proprietary arbor and tooling technology delivers superior slitting for exposed automotive components.