Autolum delivers cost-competitive, toll slitting and inspection for automotive body-in-white and other surface critical applications.

Increase your yield and profits.

Our two HERR-VOSS/STAMCO slitting and inspection lines will maximize your yield, minimize shipping cost and boost your profit.

Autolum can process big coils — up to 84 “OD and 78″ wide — and yield outstanding edge-trimmed aluminum coils in gauges from .015″ to .156″ that will run defect free on the most advanced automotive press lines.

Proprietary arbor and tooling technology results in a superior slit edge while a fully integrated drive system completely synchronizes the uncoiler, slitter, tension stand, and the recoiler. This provides the precise tension control needed to produce the perfect material you require.

Oil can be electrostatically added during coil processing to meet your lubrication and coating weight specifications.

Narrow mult skidding of slit widths down to 4”, 72” OD max.

To ensure that your processed coils are damage-free, all surfaces that come in contact with your material, from C-hooks to turnstiles to coil cars, are urethane-covered for superior protection from marks, scrapes and scratches.



Shimless tooling, x-ray gauging, defect mapping, Unilux lighting, electrostatic oiling, and precise tension control ensure superior quality.